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Category: Transform / Basic


This action takes a value from another table and creates a new column populated with this value.

Use cases

A typical use case for this action would be bringing in a total value from another table for further calculation - such as % from total.

Action settings

Peek from tableSelect the table the value resides in.
From columnSelect the column the value resides in.
FromInput the row the value resides in. Options: Row #* (select the specific row number the valued resides in) and
Last row (pull the value from the last row in the column).

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Table A:

Province Total Amount
All 4500

Table B: (before transformation)

Province Amount
Ontario 1000
British Columbia 1500
Quebec 2000

Action parameters:

Peek from Table A
From column Total Amount
Row # 1

Table B: (after transformation)

Province Amount Total Amount
Ontario 1000 4500
British Columbia 1500 4500
Quebec 2000 4500

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