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Category: Workflow / External


This action deletes rows from a database table where the filtering clause of the query is satisfied (i.e. the WHERE statement in the generated SQL). Column selections and other settings of the query are ignored.

Action settings

Selecting the "Edit query" button opens the Query Editor for selecting the Connector and entering SQL queries.

Setting Description
Connector*Select or create a connector to the database.
New queryEnter a SQL query defining the rows to be deleted. Queries can be saved as EasyMorph .query files for future use.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Under the hood, rows are deleted using SQL DELETE statement (with the WHERE statement from the query). The operation is atomic meaning that either all satisfying rows are successfully deleted, or nothing is deleted (in case of some failure).

Using a query in the transformation properties has the convenience of previewing what rows will be deleted before actually deleting them.

Note that this operation can't be undone – database rows are deleted forever.

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