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This action creates a temporary table that is typically used for one-time calculations. Sandboxes can be populated with result data of any action, or pasted from the clipboard.

Use cases

Besides ad hoc calculations, sandboxes can be used in a few more cases:

* Since Sandboxes survive reloads, you can compare a workflow result before and after changes. Send the result to a Sandbox, make changes in the workflows, then compare the new result with the old result in the Sandbox. * Together with Either table transformation Sandbox can be used to safely insert an arbitrary dataset into any point of a transformation chain, which can be useful for debugging and development purposes. In this scenario insert Either table and point its second input to a table created using Sandbox transformation.

Populating a Sandbox with data

Paste dataThis option will paste data that has been copied to the clipboard. Options for headers, delimiters, and decimal
provide fine-tuning of the pasted data.
Import datasetThis option allows for browsing to and selecting an external dataset (.dset file) to populate the Sandbox with.

Creating and Populating a Sandbox from another action

By right-clicking an action that generates output data and selecting Send to sandbox/module > New sandbox, you create a new sandbox populated with the data from the source action. Selecting New sandbox in new group creates a new group and inserts a new sandbox action populated with the data from the source action.


Data in sandboxes survives reloads - contents don't change on partial or full reloads - although it doesn't survive re-opening the project. When a project is opened all of its sandboxes start empty.


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Right-click an action and select "Send to sandbox/module", then "New sandbox" or "New sandbox in new group" (as described above).
  • First copy data to the clipboard from an internal or external source, and:
    • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Paste from clipboard", or
    • Right-click the application window and select "Paste data".

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