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Export to Power BI

Append rows to a push-dataset in the Power BI service. Both personal workspaces and shared workspaces are supported.

From a technical standpoint, data is pushed into a Power BI Service dataset via the Power BI REST API. Therefore the API limitations apply.

Note that there are 3 types of datasets in Power BI:

  • Regular datasets (linked to data sources)
  • Push-datasets (for data published via the Power BI REST API)
  • Streaming datasets

When EasyMorph exports dataset to Power BI, it exports it into a push-dataset. Other types of datasets are not supported.


Setting Description
Workspace Check to export to a dataset in a shared workspace. Otherwise data will be exported into a dataset in the personal workspace.
Dataset The name of the dataset to export to.
Create dataset if it doesn't exist When checked a new dataset will be created. Otherwise the action will append data to the dataset specified above.
Table name Pick a table name in an existing dataset, or specify a table name for new dataset.
Update table column set Check when appended data contains more columns than the target dataset. This will update Power BI Service metadata with information about new columns.
Columns Columns to be exported into Power BI dataset.

To remove rows from an existing Power BI dataset use the "Delete all table rows" command of the "Power BI Command" action.

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