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Category: Export / App/Cloud


This action appends records to a SharePoint list.

Action settings

Setting Description
Connector * A configured connector to a SharePoint site. See SharePoint connector for details.
List1Enter, or use the "Pick" button to select, the list to append to. (The Pick list will populate once the appropriate
SharePoint connector is assigned.)
Lookup field behavior See Remarks below.
Column names…Choose how the column names will align between EasyMorph and SharePoint. Options: Same as in EasyMorph
(use the incoming dataset's column names) or Other (map the incoming dataset's columns names to the column
names of the selected List.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.
1 Setting can be specified using a parameter or the first value of a column.


The action can automatically resolve linked values in lookup columns. When the "Expect values…" mode is selected, the action inserts the value(s) from the EasyMorph dataset, and links them to a lookup column (e.g., in another list). Only the values that exist in the lookup column are permitted. Otherwise, the action will fail.

Although, on large datasets, the automatic resolution can be slow. In this case, you can use the "Expect IDs…" mode. The EasyMorph dataset in this case must contain the IDs of the inserted values from the lookup column, not the values themselves.

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