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Fetch email

This action retrieves emails from a mail server (IMAP or MS Exchange) and creates a table in which each line corresponds to one email message, and the columns contain various message attributes, such as sender, sent date, subject, message body, etc.

Message bodies are limited to the first 1000 characters only.


Optionally, the action can also retrieve attachments of the email messages. In this case, a new column named "Path to attachments" will be added with paths to saved attachments from each message. Also, each line in the result table will correspond to each saved attachment. Therefore there can be several lines for one message if the message contained several attachments.

All attachments can be saved into one folder. In an alternative mode, for each message a temporary folder is created and all attachments of the message are saved into this temporary folder.

After processing attachments, the folder that contains them can be cleaned by using the "Clean folder" command of the "File command" action.


Messages can be pre-filtered in order to limit the number of fetched messages. Prefiltering can be done by:

  • Sender
  • Subject
  • Unread status


Any email server that supports standard IMAP (without extensions) is supported.

Supported MS Exchange versions are 2010 and up.

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