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Category: Transform / Advanced


Replace multiple values with a single value (constant or calculated).

Use cases

  • Creating flags that can later be used in expressions. In this case the flag will designate a group (set), therefore verifying if a value belongs to the group can be done by checking the flag. For instance, instead of expressions with multiple comparisons, e.g.
    if([x]='A' or [x]='B' or [x]='C' ...) 

    it can be more convenient to flag A, B, C,.. with 'Yes' using the Group action, and then rewrite expressions using the flag:

    if([Flag]='Yes', ...) 
  • Group values for charts (e.g. changing insignificant dimension values to "Other")
  • Calculating new values of a column only for particular values in another column, leaving the rest unchanged.
  • Create secondary demographic sets, combining specified values into rollup groups.

Action settings

Create/Replace columnSelect whether the results will replace the values in an existing column or be created in a new column.
Options: Create new column (and provide a column name), or Replace existing (and select an existing column).
Group (flag) as*Provide a static value or expression that will be used as the flag value. All selected values will be converted
to this value. Options: It's an expression or It's a text or number.
Lookup columnSelect the column with the values to be grouped. Once chosen, a list of values present in the column will be
displayed at the bottom of the action settings pane.
GroupingChoose whether the selected values will be replaced with the group (flag) value, or whether all values except
the selected values will be replaced. Options: Group selected, or Group all but selected.
Value selectionSelect the values to be replaced, or excluded from replacement, in the list.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Values that are not converted to the group (flag) value retain their original value.

This action replaces whole, selected values within the Lookup column, and does not work on partial matches.


(coming soon)

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