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Category: Import / App/Cloud


This action connects to an Airtable database ("base") and retrieves data from a specified table via API Key and Base ID.

Action settings

Setting Description
Connector*Select the pre-constructed connection to your Airtable base, or, build one by selecting Add connector.
See Airtable connector for details.
Table*The name of the table within the selected base you want to retrieve data from.
FilterThis option allows you to define a filter for the incoming data using EasyMorph's Expression Editor.
Only top rowsThis option allows you to limit the number of rows, from the top of the dataset, to import.
Import System IDAdds a column to the dataset containing the unique record ID generated by Airtable.
Import system timestampAdds a column to the dataset containing the date each record was created.
Load only selected columnsAllows you to define the columns to import. Selecting this opens a list of the column names found in the
target table. If this list appears blank, click the Reload column names button to populate it.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Fetch from cloud/application".

See also

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