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This action imports columns of data or key-value metadata from an Apache Parquet file (.parquet).

Action settings

Setting Description
Load file* Enter or browse to the fully-qualified file name of the Parquet file (relative or absolute path).
ModeSelect the import mode to retrieve data from the file. Options: Import columns or Import key-value metadata.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Import columns settings

Setting Description
Load only the first # rows*Check this option and select or enter a number of rows to import only a subset of the data.
Load only selected columns Check this to import only specific columns from the file. Select the columns to import from the drop-list that will appear.
Advanced options settings
Use object paths as column names Use property paths of complex objects as column names.
Skip the first # rowsCheck this and enter or select the number of rows at the start of the file to skip. Use this option when the dataset does not start on the very first row in the file.
Convert Int96 values intoChoose whether time values will be imported as text-based timestamps (e.g., "2016-02-03 12:57:45 AM") or decimal numbers. Options: Timestamps or Decimal numbers.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Import key-value metadata mode

There are no settings for the Import key-value metatdata mode of this action. The resultant dataset will contain the columns Keys and Values that contain the key-value metadata pairs contained within the file, if any.


This action can import multiple files. See Importing Multiple Files for more information.


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Import file" or "Import multiple files".
  • Drag an Apache Parquet file into the application window. Supported file extensions: .parquet
  • Drag a folder with Apache Parquet files into the application window.
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