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Category: Import / App/Cloud


Import data from a Google Sheets file.

Action settings

Setting Description
Connector* A configured connector to Google Drive. See Google Drive connector.
Spreadsheet* The path to the source Google Sheet document. This is set after the Connector is created.
Import actionOptions: Import table (retrieve data from a sheet, see details below) or List sheets (produce a list of sheet names within the Sheets file).

Import table settings

Setting Description
Sheet or range* Sheet or range to be imported. This list will be populated once the Connector is set and the Spreadsheet is selected.
Skip first lines*The number of rows to skip before reading in your data. If your data does not start on the first row
(i.e., leading rows with metadata, blank rows), use this setting to skip these rows.
Columns don't have headersCheck this if your dataset does not include a row with header information
Load all columnsThis option imports all columns in the sheet.
Load only selected columnsThis option allows you to select which columns to import. A list of columns found in the sheet will be
presented for you to select.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Advanced options

Do not automatically offset imported rangeBy default, EasyMorph will align the first column and first row of imported data with column 1 and row 1
in the dataset. To prevent this, and to preserve the actual positioning of data within the source file, check this option.
When a floating-point number can't
be converted to a fixed point number:
Options: Produce error (default), Convert the number to text.


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Fetch from cloud/application".

See also

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