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Category: Transform / Advanced


This action performs the same replacement in all or selected columns.

Use cases

This action is typically used for data cleansing, e.g. for removing the word 'NULL' in all columns.

Cleaning up the "(not set)" values that Google Analytics uses to represent blank cells.

Action settings

Search forEnter the value to search for.
where it'sSelect whether to match whole-cell values, or whole-cell values and partial values. Options: Entire cell only or Entire cell or part of longer text.
Replace withEnter the value to replace the search value with.
which isSelect whether the replacement value will occupy the entire cell or just the matching portion of the found search value. Options: Entire cell or Matching part.
Perform replacement inSelect whether to search all or specific columns. Options: All columns or Selected columns (and select the column(s) to search from the list).


This action is case-sensitive. If the Search for value does not match values case-wise, the replacement is not made.

Numeric values can only be searched for, and replaced as, entire cell values. Upon entering a numeric value in the Search for field, only the Entire cell only options will be selectable.


Example: Clean out NULL values from the source table, replacing them with blank cells.

Source table: The longest rivers in the world

River Length (km) Continent
Nile 6650Africa
NULL 6400South America
Yangtze 6300NULL
Mississippi NULL North America
Yenisei 5539Asia
Yellow River 5464NULL
Paraná 4880South America

Action parameters:

Search for: "NULL"
where it's "Entire cell only"
Replace with (leave blank)
which is "Entire cell"
Perform replacement in "All columns"

Result table:

River Length (km) Continent
Nile 6650Africa
6400South America
Yangtze 6300
Mississippi North America
Yenisei 5539Asia
Yellow River 5464
Paraná 4880South America

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