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Category: Transform / Basic


This action replaces particular values in a column with new values. The new values can be either text or numbers. Multiple old values can be replaced with the same new value.

Use cases

Replacing mistyped names and words with correct ones.

If used together with the Sequence transformation, it allows defining relatively small custom lists. Use Replace to replace 1 with one custom value, 2 with another one, etc.

Action settings

ColumnSelect the column in which values will be replaced.
Before / AfterSelect the value(s) to be replaced and enter the new values in the text boxes that appear to the right.
If a value to be replaced is missingSelect how EasyMorph will react if a selected value is not in the selected column.
Options: Fail (An error will be displayed for his action.) or Ignore (missing values will be skipped and the action will replace existing values.).
Show missingThis option only appears when Ignore is selected for the If a value to be replaced is missing option, above.
The Before/After list will display the selected values that are missing in the column.

The search box can be used to find a specific value in large value lists.


Only whole values are replaced with this action, not partial matches.


Example: Expand the names of the "America" values ("N." to "North", "S." to "South").

Source table: The longest rivers in the world

River Length (km) Length (miles) Continent
Nile 6650 4132Africa
Amazon 6400 3976S. America
Yangtze 6300 3917Asia
Mississippi 6275 3902N. America

Action parameters:

Continent column.
(Before) N. America: (After) North America
(Before) S. America: (After) South America

Result table:

River Length (km) Length (miles) Continent
Nile 6650 4132Africa
Amazon 6400 3976South America
Yangtze 6300 3917Asia
Mississippi 6275 3902North America

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Right-click on the value to replace in a dataset and select "Replace (value)…".

See also

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