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Category: Workflow / External.

This transformation allows executing PowerShell commands and scripts right in EasyMorph. It requires PowerShell 3.0 or above installed.

It is possible to send values of column to the executed PowerShell commands through the built-in $input variable in PowerShell, for instance:

$input | Sort-Object

Note that $input is an enumerator for the sequence, not the sequence itself.

It is possible to insert EasyMorph parameters right into the script text. Just insert parameter names in curly braces. For instance:

Copy-Item "{Source file}" c:\test

It's also possible to capture the output sequence from the PowerShell script back to EasyMorph. Note that the output sequence should be explicitly converted in the PowerShell script into a sequence of basic types such as string, integer, float, DateTime or bool. Formatted output of the standard PowerShell console is not captured.

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