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Category: Workflow / App/Cloud


This action sends a text message through the Pushover service to a mobile device.

Use cases

This action can be used to send various notifications and metrics to mobile devices, or alert when an event happened (e.g. a metric has exceeded a threshold).

Two message types are possible:

  • A parameterized text message generated from a template
  • A list of named values (obtained from the 1st row of the input dataset)

Action settings

Setting Description
Connector*Select or create a configured Pushover connector.
Recipient*Enter the recipient's user key.
PrioritySelect the message's priority level. Options: High, Normal, or Low.
Title*Check on to enter a title for the message. (optional)
Message contentsSelect whether the message body is created from The first row (unpivoted) of the input dataset, or Parameterized text.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


You will need to set up an account with Pushover to receive a user key. Generate an API Token to configure EasyMorph's Pushover connector.


Example: Send a Pushover message using the following input dataset.

Input dataset:

New Orders New revenue New customers
82 145,932 34

Parameter settings:

Connector is (Pushover connector)
Recipient is (recipient's user key)
Priority is "Normal"
Title is checked, and is "Pushover action test"
Message contents is "The first row (unpivoted)"

The received Pushover message will read:

Pushover action test

New Orders: 82
New revenue: 145,932
New customers: 34

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