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Category: Transform / Advanced


This action shifts values in the specified column up or down. When a column is shifted down, empty cells are inserted at the top of the column. When shifted up, empty cells are inserted at the bottom.

Use cases

This action can be used in cases when a comparison with a previous/future period is required.

Action settings

ColumnSelect the column shift.
Shift directionSelect whether the column's rows will be shifted up or down. Options: Up or Down.
Shift by N rows*Select or enter the number of rows to be shifted by.
ModeSelect whether the results of this action will overwrite the selected column's content, or if a new column will be created.
Options: Create new column (and provide a column name) or Replace column.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Example: Calculate the delta with previous year. For this, we're appending a new column ("Prev. year sales"), shifted down by 1 row.

Source data: Sales by year.

Year Sales
2010 10000
2011 12100
2012 9000
2013 11000
2014 8500
2015 11300

Action parameters:

Column is "Sales"
Shift "Down"
Shift by 1 row
Mode is "Create new column", named "Prev. year sales"

Result table:

Year Sales Prev. year sales
2010 10000
2011 12100 10000
2012 9000 12100
2013 11000 9000
2014 8500 11000
2015 11300 8500

Community examples

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