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Category: Workflow / Internal


This action updates project execution status with a custom message (which can be calculated using an expression). It serves the same purpose, but works differently, in EasyMorph Desktop, Launcher, and EasyMorph Server (see section Remarks below).

Use cases

The Status action can be helpful on various occasions:

  • Indicate milestones for long-running projects.
  • Since Status messages from called/iterated subprojects are also displayed, it allows for creating status messages that indicate the progress of iterations (e.g. “10 files processed out of 123”, or “Processing: 12-May-2021”) which can help estimate total run time.
  • Log particular messages or custom warnings into task logs (e.g. number of dates processed, data quality metrics, etc.). Such messages can later be parsed and necessary actions can be taken.
  • Estimate execution time of an action or a chain of actions in a project. In this case, the Status action can be used to record start/end times.
  • Log values of calculated parameters (input parameters are logged automatically in the task log).
  • Create audit records with file names or database tables modified.

Action settings

Set execution status asChoose the source of the status message text. Options: Text (and enter the message text),
Expression (and enter an expression that returns the message as a calculated result), or
Cell value (and select the Column and Row number* holding the value used for the message).
Show also as Windows notification (Launcher only)When checked, the status message will appear in the Windows notification area when the project is run from the EasyMorph Launcher.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Depending on the environment Status is run in, the status message will appear in different locations:

Environment Message output
Desktop ApplicationThe status message will appear in the "Still running…" window. Note that the window only shows up when the workflow is running for longer than 3 seconds. Also, the window is not displayed during pro-active background calculations.
Desktop (command-line mode)The status message will appear in the command window.
LauncherThe status message will appear in the "Status" tab. It will also appear in the Windows notification
area if that setting was selected. See Action settings, above.
Server1) It updates the task status in the web console, and 2) writes status messages in the task log.

Community examples

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