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Category: Workflow / App/Cloud


This action remotely triggers various actions in Tableau Server / Online. A configured Tableau Server connector or
Tableau Online connector is required.

Available commands:

  • Run extract refresh task
  • Run flow asynchronously

Action settings

Setting Description
Connector*Select the preconfigured Tableau Server/Online connector.
CommandSelect the command this action will perform. Options: Run extract refresh task or Run flow asynchronously. See that tables below for details.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Run extract refresh task settings

Description: Runs the specified extract refresh task.

Setting Description
RefreshSelect the refresh task to run. The drop-down list shows only data source extracts and published workbooks (that connect to data extracts) with a scheduled extract refresh task.

Run flow asynchronously settings

Description: Triggers the specified flow and doesn't wait for the flow to finish. Note that the action editor allows opening the selected flow on Tableau Server in one click, by pressing the "arrow" button to the right of the flow selection drop-down.

Setting Description
FlowSelect the flow to run.

See also

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