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Category: Workflow / Internal


This action adds a "to-do" item to the workflow which may optionally be assigned to someone to review, and/or a due date. This action has no effect on the workflow, itself.

Use cases

This action is designed to aid in the organization and collaboration of workflow development by introducing to-do "notes" into the workflow that can bring attention to proposed workflow edits, algorithm concepts, introduce sample data, etc. at the position of the To-do action.

Action settings

Setting Description
What should be done?Enter the message text regarding what should be reviewed or accomplished at this point in the workflow.
Edit..This button opens the parameterized text editor in which parameters and/or paths can be inserted into the message body.
Assigned toCheck this option to enter the name of the person who should review this to-do item.
Due dateCheck this option to enter a due date for this to-do item.
Add columns(Optional) Enter column names for new columns to be appended to the incoming dataset, relating to this to-do item. These columns will be available in downstream actions.
With dummy valuesCheck this and enter a "dummy value" to populate the new column with.


As mentioned in the Description, this action is a "placeholder" and has no effect on downstream actions unless columns are added within the To-do (added columns will be available to downstream actions).

A list of To-do actions within a project can be reviewed by using the Find actions tool (Main ribbon tab) and selecting the "To-do" option under "Quick filters".

A to-do list can be created as a dataset by using the "To-do list" command of the Project metadata action. This creates a dataset that includes the module name, Description, Assigned to name, and Due Date of all to-do actions in the project.

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