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Category: Import / File


Generate lists of various EasyMorph (.morph) project metadata:

  • Connectors used in project's actions
  • Parameters
  • Modules
  • Groups
  • Tables
  • Actions (with connector names, and parameter names, when applicable)

Use cases

The Project metadata action can be convenient in the various cases, for instance:

  • Find projects that use a particular connector
  • Validate one or more projects without executing them (e.g. before publishing to Server)
  • Check if a project has disabled actions
  • Obtain a list of modules and use it for iterations (in all calling actions the module name can be specified using a parameter)

Action settings

Setting Description
Load file*Fully-qualified file name of the EasyMorph .morph project file (includes relative or absolute path).
ObtainDefines the metadata category that EasyMorph will generate a list of for the file selected.
Options: List of connectors, List of parameters, List of modules, List of groups, List of tables, List of actions.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Obtain settings

SettingList fields
ConnectorsConnector name, Parameter name, Connector name type, Connector location, Connector type, Connector annotation, and Connector validation.
ParametersModule name, Parameter name, Parameter type, Parameter value, Parameter annotation, and Parameter validation.
ModulesModule name and Module annotation.
Optionally, dependency information can be included: Calls, Connectors, Files/folders, Programs. See below.
GroupsModule name, Group name, and Group annotation.
Optionally, dependency information can be included: Groups, Calls, Connectors, Files/folders, Programs. See below.
TablesModule name, Group name, Table name, Table annotation, Default result table.
Optionally, dependency information can be included: Tables, Calls, Connectors, Files/folders, Programs. See below.
ActionsModule name, Group name, Table name, Action position, Action name, Action description, Action annotation, Action state, Connector name, Parameter name (for connector), Connector name type, Action parameters, and Action validation.

Include dependencies options

DependencyAppends these fields to the dataset…
CallsCall target, Call target name type, and Call target name.
ConnectorsDependency type, Connector name type, and Connector name.
Files/foldersDependency type, File path, and Folder path.
ProgramsDependency type and Program path.
GroupsDependency type and Other group name.
TablesDependency type and Other table name.


This action also validates connectors, parameters, and actions in projects. For instance, if a connector referenced in an action is missing, the list of actions will show a validation error for that action. The list of connectors will show a similar validation error as well.

This action can import multiple files. See Importing Multiple Files for more information.


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Import file" or "Import multiple files".

See also

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