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Category: Transform / Basic


This action calculates one or more new columns using expression(s). One expression creates one column.

Use cases

  • Creating a calculated result from numeric values in two (or more) other columns.
  • Concatenating text values from two (or more) other columns.
  • Creating a full-column list of the same text or numeric value.

Action settings

New column nameEnter the name of the new column.
Expression or ValueOptions: It's an expression or It's a text or number. Enter the expression used to calculate the new column values,
or, enter the text or numeric value that will be repeated for all values.
PositionChoose where the new column(s) will appear in the dataset. Options: Rightmost, Leftmost, or After column
(and select the column the new column(s) will appear after).


The expression is calculated for every row. Other column values in the same row can be referred to by column names in square brackets. It's not possible to refer from one row to another row or to another table.

Instead of an expression, this action can insert a full column of static text or numeric values.


Example: Calculate the $ amount of compulsory deductions for each country

Source table: Average income and deductions

Country Gross income Disposable income Compulsory deductions
United States 56067 45582 18.7%
Australia 51050 42617 16.52%
Switzerland 53716 48414 9.87%
Canada 45896 37469 18.36%

Action parameters:

New column name: Deductions $
Expression: [Gross income] - [Disposable income]

Result table:

Country Gross income Disposable income Compulsory deductions Deductions $
United States 56067 45582 18.7% 10485
Australia 51050 42617 16.52% 8433
Switzerland 53716 48414 9.87% 5302
Canada 45896 37469 18.36% 8427

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Right-click on a column heading, and select "Insert column(s)".
  • Click the drop-down arrow in a column heading and select "Insert column(s)".

In either case, a new column with a default column name will appear after the selected column.

See also

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