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Category: Transform / Basic


This action calculates the aggregates for selected columns, grouped by another set of columns.

Available aggregations:

  • Sum
  • Count
  • Count only distinct values
  • Average
  • Min
  • Max
  • Any
  • Concatenate

Action settings

CalculateSelect the column in which the values will be aggregated.
Aggregation methodSelect the aggregation method to be used on the values in the chosen column.
Group bySelect the column(s) in which the grouping of values will drive the aggregation.

More than one aggregated column can be created by clicking the Aggregate by more columns option and selecting the additional column and aggregation to apply.

The output of this action is a dataset containing the "Group by" column, plus an additional column for each aggregation chosen.

Concatenate settings

SeparatorSelect the character (delimiter) that will appear between the concatenated values. Options: Comma, Semicolon, Tab, Pipe, Tilde, Space, Line break, or No separator.
DistinctWhen checked, only unique values in the aggregated column will be included in the concatenation.


Example 1: Find out the longest river on each continent.

Source table: The longest rivers in the world

River Length(km) Continent
Nile 6650Africa
Amazon 6400South America
Yangtze 6300Asia
Mississippi 6275North America
Yenisei 5539Asia
Yellow River 5464Asia
Ob 5410Asia
Paraná 4880South America

Action parameters:

Calculate: Length(km), Aggregation: Max
Group by: Continent

Result table:

Continent Max of Length(km)
Africa 6650
Asia 6300
North America 6275
South America 6400

Example 2: Find out the longest river, and the number of rivers, on each continent.

Source table: Same source table as Example 1.

Action parameters:

Calculate: Length(km), Aggregation: Max
Calculate: River, Aggregation: Count
Group by: Continent

Result table:

ContinentMax of Length(km)Count of River
Africa 6650 1
Asia 6300 3
North America 6275 1
South America 6400 2

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Right-click on a column heading, and select "Aggregate", then select the aggregation method from the submenu.
  • Click the drop-down arrow in a column heading and select "Aggregate", then select the aggregation method.

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