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Category: Transform / Basic


This action removes specified values, or values of a particular type (e.g. text), from a column by replacing them with empty cells.

Use cases

Clean Up is used for dealing with data quality issues - e.g. removing text values from a column where only numbers are expected, or removing specific undesired values. Most typically, Clean Up is used when importing data from Excel spreadsheets.

Action settings

ColumnSelect the specific column that values will be cleaned from.
Remove…Select the types of values, or specific values, to be removed. See below.

Remove options

Remove numbersAll numeric values are removed.
Remove everything but numbersAll numbers are kept; non-numeric values are removed.
Remove text valuesAll text values are removed.
Remove everything but text valuesText values are kept; non-text values are removed.
Remove whitespace only valuesRemoves values containing only spaces.
Remove errorsAll error results are removed.
Remove particular valuesOptions: Remove selected values or Remove all but selected. When selected, a list of all unique
values in the column is displayed for the user to manually select which values to keep or remove.


Unlike Filter, this transformation doesn't remove table rows.

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Right-click a value and select "Clean Up". Choose whether to "Keep only [value]" or "Remove [value]" from the submenu.

See also

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