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Category: Export / File


This action exports a table into an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) file. The file name can use either a full or relative path.

Use cases

You can subdivide a dataset and export it to a multi-tabbed Excel file using iterations and passing the sheet names in using Parameters in the called module.

Action settings

Setting Description
File*Enter a fully-qualified file name for the output file (includes relative or absolute path).
ModeSelect whether this action will create a new file, create a new sheet in an existing file,
or replace a sheet or range in an existing file . See the table below for details.
File already existsWhen selecting to "Create new file" in the option above, choose whether to overwrite the existing file, rename the
existing file, or halt the action's execution. See the "File already exists options" table below for details.
Sheet name*When selecting to "Create new file" or "Create a new sheet in existing file" in the option above, enter the name
for the new sheet.
Sheet or range*When selecting "Replace sheet/range in existing file", select the sheet or named range to replace.
Create named rangeWhen "Create new file" is selected in the option above, the dataset will be written into a named range in the new file.
Enter the name of the range in the Range name field.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Export mode options

Option Description
Create new fileCreate a new Excel file or overwrite an existing file with the same name. See the "File already exists
options" table below for additional details.
Create new sheet in existing fileThis option will export the dataset to a new sheet inserted into the existing file selected in the File
setting, above.
Replace sheet/range in existing fileThis option will output the dataset to an existing sheet or named range within the file selected in the
File setting, overwriting its content.

File already exists options

Option Description
OverwriteThe new file replaces the original file.
RenameThe original file will be renamed with "backup" and a serial number appended to the file name. The new file will
possess the name specified in the File setting.
Halt project executionThe project will stop processing and this action will display a warning symbol.


If you're "creating a new sheet" or "replacing a sheet/range", or "overwriting an existing file", the target file must be closed prior to running this action or it will result in a warning and no content will be written. Close the target file and rerun this action to complete it successfully.

When creating a new sheet in an existing file, the new sheet will appear in the rightmost (last) position. A sheet being replaced in an existing file will retain its original position within the file.

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