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Category: Export / File


Export the contents of a column into a text file, as is. Each column value is exported as text into one line of the file.

Use cases

Most frequently, this action is used to create text files in a format not natively supported by EasyMorph.

Action settings

Setting Description
Column Select the column to export into the target text file.
File*Enter a fully-qualified file name for the output file (includes relative or absolute path).
EncodingSelect the encoding format to use for the exported file. If you're not sure what to choose, try UTF-8
as it's the most common Unicode encoding.
Don't write BOMWhen checked, the byte order mark is not written at the beginning of the output file.
DecimalSelect the character used within numeric values to define decimal places. Options: Point or Comma.
Export the column header too When checked, the column name will be exported as the 1st line of the target file.
Preserve formatting If checked, and the exported column has a format specified (e.g. for dates), use the format
when exporting numbers.
File already existsIf a file with the same name already exists, choose whether to overwrite the existing file, rename the
existing file, or halt the action's execution. See the "File already exists options" table below for details.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

File already exists options

Option Description
OverwriteThe new file replaces the original file.
RenameThe original file will be renamed with "backup" and a serial number appended to the file name. The new file will
possess the name specified in the File setting.
Halt project executionThe project will stop processing and this action will display a warning symbol.

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