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Export into delimited text file

This transformation exports table into a delimited text file. The file name can use either full or relative path. It can also be specified using a parameter.

By default, when the file name has no extension, the action automatically appends extension “.txt” to the file name.


Export modes
  • Create new file - create new file or overwrite existing file with the same name
  • Append to file - append dataset to existing file (the row with headers will not be appended). Note that the operation doesn't change order of columns in appended dataset, even if columns in the existing file are in different order. If the file doesn't exist it will be created automatically (the row with headers will be inserted first).
Wrap in quotes
  • Auto - only values that contain a space, the chosen separator, or a line break will be wrapped in double quotes. The rest won't.
  • Everything - all values will be wrapped in double quotes.
  • Nothing - no values will be wrapped in double quotes, even if they contain spaces, separators or line breaks. Use with care.
Don't write column headers

Don't write into the file a row with column headers.

Preserve formatting

Export number values (including dates) using the currently selected column format.

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