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Category: Create / Generate


This action creates a table with a list of files in the specified folder and their attributes.

Use cases

The created file list can be used later for iterations or file commands.

Action settings

Setting Description
Folder*The folder to extract the list of files from.
ColumnsProvides options to select the types of data to return as fields in the dataset. See below.
SubfoldersProvides options to scan through subfolders within the chosen folder. See below.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


These options define the columns that will be included in the generated dataset. At least one option must be selected.

File name with pull pathReturns the fully-qualified file name including absolute path. Default.
File name onlyReturns the file name only, excluding path.
File extensionReturns the file's extension only.
SizeReturns the file's size, in bytes.
Date createdReturns the date the file was originally created.
Date modifiedReturns the date the file was last edited.
Read-onlyReturns a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) value defining whether the file is set to read-only mode, or is editable (read/write).


Scan subfoldersWhen selected, additional options are presented to define the scan depth and scan error handling.
Scanning depthThe number of subfolder levels, under the parent folder, the action will scan within. e.g. "1" will scan through the
subfolders found directly under the parent folder only; "2" will scan through the subfolders of the subfolders
(i.e. 2 levels deep) found under the parent folder.
Ignore scan errorsSelect to ignore any errors produced when scanning subfolders for files. This is useful for avoiding errors when
scanning folder depths that may not exist in all subfolders.

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Generate data".
  • Drag a folder with various file types into the application window. Select "Generate a list of files in the folder".

See also

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