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Category: Workflow / External


This action runs the specified external application once for every line in the table.

The action fails if the extеrnal application returns a non-zero exit code.

Use cases

  • Run external applications (e.g. after a file is generated by EasyMorph) against a list of parameters generated in EasyMorph.
  • Execute Windows shell commands (copy, del, ren, etc.) for a list of files generated in EasyMorph (e.g. using File list action).
  • Run another EasyMorph project in order to generate different reports for each line of the table (e.g. one report per country).

Action settings

Setting Description
Application*Enter or browse to the fully qualified path and filename of the program's executable file. If this is left blank,
the command line is executed by the Windows shell (cmd.exe).
Working directory (optional)*Enter the folder containing any files required by the application.
ArgumentsEnter the values, filenames, commands, etc. passed to the application as a calculated expression.
Halt if exit code is not 0When this is checked, the workflow will stop and display an error if the program terminates with an error.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Parameter substitution

The action uses a calculated expression to create its command line. It is possible to insert parameters as well as column names into the expression.

“copy /Y “ & {SourceFolder} & [Filename] & “ “ & {DestinationFolder} & [Filename]

Note that SourceFolder and DestinationFolder are parameter names, while [Filename] is a table column.


Example: Batch-delete files using the Windows "del" shell command. The fully qualified filenames are stored in the "File name with full path" column in the dataset.

Action parameters:

Application is left blank (command will run as a Windows shell command)
Working directory is left blank (no folder assignment is necessary for this command)
Calculated argument 'del /q "' & [File name with full path] & '"'
Halt if exit code is not 0 is checked (the workflow will stop with an error the "del" command does not complete correctly)

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