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Category: Workflow / External


This action transfers files to or from a remote server over an SSH connection using the SFTP or SCP protocol.

Action settings

Setting Description
ProtocolSelect the transfer protocol to use. Options: SFTP or SCP.
Connector*Select the pre-configured connector, or create a new connector, to the remote server.
DirectionSelect the transfer direction. Options: Download or Upload. See the "Download settings" and "Upload settings" tables below for details.
If a file with such name already existsSelect how EasyMorph will handle saving the file if a file with the same name exists in the destination folder. Options: Overwrite, Do nothing, or Halt project execution. See the "File already exists" table below.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Download settings

Setting Description
Remote file(s)*Enter the name of the file to be downloaded. Use wildcards to download multiple files.
Local folder*Enter or browse to and select the local folder to save the downloaded file(s) to.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

Upload settings

Setting Description
Local file(s)*Enter or browse to the file to be uploaded. Use wildcards to upload multiple files.
Remote folder*Enter or browse to and select the remote folder to save the uploaded file(s) to.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

File already exists options

Option Description
OverwriteThe new file replaces the original file.
Do nothingEasyMorph will not process files that already exist.
Halt project executionThe project will stop processing and this action will display an error.


When using SFTP, use the wildcard to transfer multiple files at once.

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