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Category: Transform / Filters


This action keeps (or removes) only rows with values that are the biggest or smallest in a specified column.

Use cases

Use this action to generate datasets of "top N" or "bottom N" (or "top %" or "bottom %") records based on values in a specific column.

Action settings

Setting Description
ColumnSelect the column to filter values on.
Keep or remove?Select whether keep or remove the highest/lowest values. Options: Keep or Remove.
Biggest or smallest?Select whether to keep/remove the largest values, or the smallest. Options: Biggest or Smallest.
How many (numbers/dates)?*Select whether to keep/remove a specific number of values (e.g. "3" for the top/bottom three values), or a
percentage (e.g. "10" for the top/bottom 10% of values). Options: Count or Percent.
Inside groupsWhen checked, the min/max process will operate within groups of values in the column(s) selected (and select the column(s)).

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Taking into account ties, the number of rows returned by this action may exceed the "Count" value entered. The "Count" value refers to the number of unique values, not the number of rows.


Example: Obtain the products with the lowest three prices.

Source table:

Product Price, USD
A 12
B 16
C 14
D 13
E 13
F 9

Action parameters:

Column is "Price, USD"
"Keep" the "Smallest"
Count is "3"

Result table:

Product Price, USD
A 12
D 13
E 13
F 9

Although the "Count" value was "3", four rows were returned due to the duplicate value "13" in two rows.

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