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Category: Workflow / External


This action generates HTML documentation for an EasyMorph project.

Use cases

The documentation created by this action is useful for troubleshooting workflow issues as well as providing evidence of data sources being used, transformations that occur to the data during processing, and the final destination(s) of the data.

Action settings

Project*Enter (or browse to) the fully-qualified path and filename of an EasyMoprh project file (.morph).
Output fileOptions: As per project configuration (an .html file is created in the same folder as the selected project file, with the same
filename) or Custom* (and enter/browse to a fully-qualified path and filename for the .html file).

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.


Generate project documentation creates an .html file in the location chosen and does not generate dataset output (this action merely passes along the dataset being passed into it).

If you require the metadata of a project to be incorporated into a workflow, refer to the Project metadata action, instead.

The resultant .html file contains information regarding the structure of the selected project including, but not limited to: connector information, module information, parameters used, and table information including actions and action settings.

See also

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