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Import data from an XML file. Data elements are specified by an XML path. Optionally, data elements can be further narrowed down by selecting only particular XML elements and/or their attributes. Values and attributes of parent elements are repeated for child elements in order to preserve the relationship between them.

Action settings

Setting Description
Load file* Fully-qualified file name of the dataset (includes relative or absolute path).
Decimal separatorSets whether decimal places are represented by points or commas. Options: Points or Commas.
Thousand separatorSets the character that represents thousands places. Options: Default, Comma, Point or Space.
DTD ProcessingSets the parsing mode EasyMoprh will use for DTD definition parsing. See below.
Value typesSets whether EasyMorph will interpret between text and numeric values, or read all data in as text values.
Options: Auto, All text.
Root XML path*Options: Table, Table/Columns/Column, Table/Columns/Column/Cells, Table/Columns/Column/Cells/Cell.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

DTD parsing modes

There are three modes that instruct EasyMorph how to parse DTD definitions:

Mode Behavior
Prohibit (default) DTD is not allowed. When DTD is encountered in the loaded XML file the project fails.
Ignore DTD is allowed but ignored. When DTD is present in the loaded XML file it is completely ignored and no error is generated.
Parse DTD is parsed.


  • Re-definition of namespaces is not supported. Elements with re-defined namespaces are ignored.
  • Multiple default namespaces per element not supported.
  • XML validation according to DTD or XDS is not performed.


Empty elements (e.g. <tag></tag> or <tag/>) are converted into empty text strings, while missing elements result in empty values (i.e. nulls).

Community examples


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button. Pick "Import file" or "Import multiple files".
  • Drag an XML file into the application window. Supported file extensions: .xml
  • Drag a folder with XML files into the application window.

See also

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