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Category: Transform / Web


Parse XML data into a tabular format.

Use cases

Enterprise data parsing from enterprise systems (e.g., transactions, messages).

Parsing data from Web APIs that return XML.

Action settings

Settings Description
Column Select the column containing the source XML to be parsed.
Decimal separator Select the decimal separator in numeric values. Options: Comma or Dot.
Thousand separator Select the thousands separator in numeric values. Options: Default, Comma, Point or Space.
DTD processing Options: Prohibit, Ignore, or Parse DTD.
Value types Options: Auto (automatically recognize numeric values and convert them into numbers) or
All text (treat all values as text).
Root XML path* The path to the XML node from which parsing starts.
Column names Select the method used to name columns in the result dataset. Options: Element name,
Relative XML path, or Full XML path.
Don't delete original column When checked, the source column with JSON(s) will be kept in the result dataset.
Parse paths Select the XML paths to parse. One path corresponds to one column in the result dataset.
Options: Parse all paths or Parse selected paths (and select the paths from the list).

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

See also

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