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Category: Import / App/Cloud


This action imports rows from a Salesforce object and, optionally, its child/parent objects.

Action settings

Setting Description
Connector* Select a configured Salesforce connector.
ModeSelect whether to use a "no-code", settings-based configuration of the action, or a provided custom SOQL1) string. Options: no-code or Custom SOQL.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter.

No-code settings

Setting Description
Object*Enter, or use the "Pick" button to browse through and select, the Salesforce object to retrieve data from.
FilterSelect this option and use the "Edit WHERE clause…" button to enter an SOQL-based WHERE clause to filter the
results by.
Only first objects*Select this and enter the maximum number of data objects to return.
FieldsUse the "Add fields" button to select child and/or parent fields of the Object selected above to retrieve data from.
Use the "Remove all" button to clear the Fields list.

* Setting can be specified using a parameter or the first value of a column.

Custom SOQL

After selecting this option, enter an SOQL-based query statement in the text box below it, or use the "Edit…" button to open the larger "Parameterized text editor" to create SOQL statements integrating EasyMorph parameters.


Fast ways to create the action:

  • Press the "Add data" menu button and select "Fetch from cloud/application".

See also

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