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This action works together with the Call, Iterate, Iterate column, Iterate table, or Repeat actions. It obtains an input dataset from the module (or project) that called current module. If the current module was not called from another module (or project) then Input returns empty dataset.

Use cases

The Input action passes data between modules in memory which helps avoid potentially slow reading datasets from disk or writing to disk in every iteration or call. By removing the need to read/write datasets to disk, the action simplified workflows.

Populating the Input dataset from within the same project

Within the Input action

Populate automaticallyThis option will attempt to retrieve data from a Call or Iterate… action within the same project.
Paste dataThis option will paste data that has been copied to the clipboard. Options for headers, delimiters, and decimal
provide fine-tuning of the pasted data.
Import datasetThis option allows for browsing to and selecting an external dataset (.dset file) to populate the Input action with.


Send to moduleData can be sent to the Input action by right-clicking on an action that produces data in the calling module and selecting
Send to sandbox/module. Select the module containing the Input action from the list at the bottom of the menu.
Send to clipboardData can be sent to the clipboard by right-clicking on an action that produces data in the calling module and selecting
Send to sandbox/module and choosing Send to Clipboard. From the Input action, choose the Paste data option.


To simplify development, it is possible to paste test data from the clipboard into Input action, similar to the Sandbox action. Typically, a small subset is pasted for use in designing the workflow. The pasted data is not saved and does not survive project re-opening.

An Input action called from another project cannot be automatically populated with test data. Either a .dset file export must be made from the calling dataset and imported into the Input action, or, the calling dataset must be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the receiving Input action.

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